BR Mark 2 coaches and B4 bogies

Our 5" gauge models of the BR Mark 2 coach are based on the first series of Mark 2 coaches that were introduced around 1964 - 66.

Two styles are available - a corridor compartment coach body and a compartment brake coach body. Both types are shown in the image gallery.

The bodies are constructed as a one piece fibreglass moulding with reinforcement in the roof and bulkheads across the width to give adequate passenger carrying capabilities when used with foot boards

The chassis is a steel fabrication mounted on a pair of detailed B4 style bogies.

These coaches are suitable for use as a driving truck and / or carrying extra batteries. They can be used without footboards to provide a realistic train for a wide range of steam and modern image locomotives.

Available as unpainted body mouldings and raw castings, unpainted fully machined components or ready-to-run fully painted coaches in a wide choice of liveries both prototypical and to customers requirements.


Prices (inc VAT)
B4 Bogie - set of bogie drawings (7) £63.00
Body moulding, unpainted as moulded. £525.00
2 off bogies Machined kit for self-assembly - unpainted componenets. Unbraked. £645.00 the pair
2 off Ready to Run bogies, painted. Unbraked. £895.00 the pair
Finished steel underframe, complete with buffing and drawer gear. £370.00
Complete Ready to Run coach including bogies, underframe, drawer gear, unbraked. Body sides painted single colour, ends and windows black, roof grey. Linging, transfers and running numbers etc not included. £2450.00
As above but with full custom livery with running numbers plus detailed transfers. £2680.00
Removable foot boards to convert above coaches to passenger carrying. £180.00


Gauge Length Width Height
5” 69 1/2” 9 3/4” 13 1/2”

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