Metropolitan Locomotive

Built in 1922 by Vickers, this 1200 hp Bo-Bo loco had an overall length of 39 foot 6 inches and weighed some 61.5 tonnes. There were driving postions at each end of the ‘blunt nosed’ body with the equipment installed in the centre section.

The body of the model is a one piece fibre glass moulding with panel moundings, roof and window detail as on the original.

The bogies are made up with laser cut side frames and aluminium castings, with steel wheels and two drive motors per bogie.

The design of the bogies folows the full size locomotive by having both primary and secondary suspension.

An electronic control system is used to provide variable speed for both forward and reverse directions.

The 5"g body moulding require the louver detail to be added to the body moulding.

The 7 1/4"g body moulding includes the louver detail. (Unpainted body is a 7 1/4" g moulding)


Prices (inc VAT)
7 1/4"
Complete set of drawings (6 (5") / 4 ( 7 1/4"))” £54.00 £36.00
Body moulding, unpainted as moulded £470.00 £730.00
Individual castings and components    
Machined kit for self assembly - unpainted components, body as moulded. Battery(ies)/ Controllers not included. £2850.00 £POA

Ready to Run - complete body painted in one base colour but with no added detail. Windows and cab sided unglazed. Battery(ies)/ Controllers not included.

£3695.00 £POA
Ready to Run - as above but with custom livery and running numbers plus detailed transfers. From £4145.00 £POA



Gauge Length Width Height Weight*
5” 42” 9 1/4” 13” 37 kg**
7 1/4” 64” 15” 18 1/2”  



Body Moulding Dimensions
Gauge Length Width Height Weight
5” 38" 8 1/2" 8" 5 kg
7 1/4" 56" 13" 13" 9 kg


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