De Winton Locomotive

This vertical boilered loco was originally built by the De Winton Company who produced a small number of these fascinating locos mainly for use in the quarries of Wales.

They were of a simple design with a twin cylinder engine mounted on the boiler and directly coupled to a twin crank axle.

The Puffin was built in 1892 and worked at the Brundit & Co. quarry until 1934.


This is a 5"g coal fired, live steam design


Prices ( inc VAT)
Complete set of drawings (9.)” £81.00
Individual castings and components. £ P.O.A.


Gauge Length Width Height Cylinders Bore Stroke Vertical Boiler
5” 27” 10 1/2” 20” 2 1 1/4” 2” 7”dia with 47x7 1/16”dia tubes

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