Class 42 Locomotive

Introduced in 1958 and based on the German Deutsche Bundesbahn, these were one of the early ventrues into diesel-hydraulics.

The bogies are unusual in as much that there are no axle boxes.

The model carries the motor gear wheel assembly within two plates that pivot in a cast aluminium body with rubber suspension discs.


Prices ( inc VAT)
Complete set of drawings (3.)” £27.00
Body moulding, unpainted as moulded. £560.00
Individual castings and components.  
Machined kit for self assembly - unpainted components, body as moulded. Battery(ies)/ Controllers not included. £3185.00

Ready to Run - complete body painted in one base colour but with no added detail. Windows and cab sided unglazed. Battery(ies)/ Controllers not included.

Ready to Run - as above but with custom livery and running numbers plus detailed transfers. From £4590.00


Gauge Length Width Height Weight*
5” 65” 9” 13” 125lbs**


Body Moulding Dimensions
Gauge Length Width Height
5” 1530mm 240mm 300mm


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