Class 40 Locomotive

The first Class 40 was unveiled in March 1958 powered by an English Electric 2000 hp engine.

Both the wheel configuration and the design of the bogie were shared with the Class 44, 45 and 46.

The overall length was 69 foot 6 inches with an all up weight of 136 tonnes.

Although this class of loco was made obsolete in 1985, several examples have been saved from the scrap yard by enthusiast groups.


Prices (inc VAT)
7 1/4"
Complete set of drawings (5 (5") / 4 ( 7 1/4"))” £45.00 £36.00
2 Cabs + roof moulding, unpainted as moulded (items available separately) £435.00 £645.00
Individual castings and components    
Machined kit for self assembly - unpainted components, body as moulded. Battery(ies)/ Controllers not included. £POA.00 £POA

Ready to Run - complete body painted in one base colour but with no added detail. Windows and cab sided unglazed. Battery(ies)/ Controllers not included.

£POA.00 £POA
Ready to Run - as above but with custom livery and running numbers plus detailed transfers. £POA.00 £POA


Gauge Length Width Height Weight*
5” 74” 9 1/2” 13 1/2” 150lbs**
7 1/4” tbc tbc tbc tbc



Body Moulding Dimensions - Engine Cab
Gauge Length Width Height Weight
5” 300mm 235mm 150mm/230mm 0.75kg
7 1/4" 430mm 350mm 220mm/328mm 2.60kg


Body Moulding Dimensions - Engine Roof
Gauge Length Width Height Weight
5” 1190mm 240mm 85mm 1.3kg
7 1/4" 1695mm 355mm 110mm 3.7kg


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