Class 37 Locomotive

The Class 37 is a mixed traffic (passenger and freight) diesel-electric locomotive, built by English Electric.

A total of 308 units was produced from 1961, powered by a 12 cylinder turbo charged diesel engine of 1,750 bhp.

These 108 tonne Co-Co units feature a protruding nose end ahead of the driving compartment, giving them a transatlantic look.

Selected as part of BR's life extension programme Class 37 locomotives were refurbished to extend their use for both passenger and freight applications. The design of this bogie caters for both the fabricated type of side frame and also the cast type dependant of preference.


Prices ( inc VAT)
Complete set of drawings (5.)” £45.00
2 cabs + roof moulding, unpainted as moulded. (items available separately) £435.00
Individual castings and components.  
Machined kit for self assembly - unpainted components, body as moulded. Battery(ies)/ Controllers not included. £POA.00

Ready to Run - complete body painted in one base colour but with no added detail. Windows and cab sided unglazed. Battery(ies)/ Controllers not included.

Ready to Run - as above but with custom livery and running numbers plus detailed transfers. £POA.00

Gauge Length Width Height Weight*
5” 67” over buffers approx 9 1/2” 13 1/2” 80lbs**


Body Moulding Dimensions - Engine Cab
Gauge Length Width Height Weight
5” 300mm 235mm 170mm/247mm 0.6kg


Body Moulding Dimensions - Engine Roof
Gauge Length Width Height Weight
5” 1000mm 240mm 70mm 1.6kg


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